Esteban Kuber

Esteban Kuber

San Francisco, CA USA

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We spent decades trying to invent a sufficiently smart compiler when
we should have been inventing a sufficiently empathetic one.

I am a Software Engineer working 10+ years on developer tools, distributed systems and consumer facing applications. I have been involved in the Rust programming language since 2015 and have spent countless hours making the Rust Compiler a friendly tutor. I am passionate about Open Source/Libre Software, strongly enjoy mentoring, problem solving and knowledge sharing, and am convinced that the User Experience of developer tools is as important as that of consumer products.

I am seeking opportunities and projects that will allow me to use Rust as a solution to real problems, and to continue growing and improving the Rust ecosystem and community.


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  • Frameworks

    Google App Engine






    Google Closure

    Google Visualization API

    GData API

    Protocol Buffers

    Google Flume

    Google Cloud Technology

  • Storage






    Google App Engine Datastore

    Google Cloud SQL

    MS SQL Server

  • VCS




  • OS

    Linux (Arch/Debian/Slackware/Ubuntu/RHEL)

    Mac OS X

    Windows (2000/XP/7)


Software Engineer


July 2018 – Current

Developing solutions for the Health Care industry using Rust.

Compiler Team Member


September 2017 – Current

Member of the Rust Compiler Team, dedicated mainly to improving its language ergonomics and associated tooling user experience.

Software Engineer


August 2013 – July 2018

Performed system-wide synthetic traffic stress-tests. Maintained and further developed Stressdash, a UI for exposing stress-tests' results. Automated execution of stress-tests for safe unattended operation.

Developed ETL pipelines for reporting of infrastructure utilization and to pipelines to provide insights into the health of Twitter's fleet.

Maintained and further developed Mechanic, an agent and UI for automatic detection and remediation of hardware issues.

Developed and maintained tools to administer the Manhattan Key-Value distributed database, using Scala, Java and Python, including Mesos based microservices and a Self-Service UI.

Software Developer


March 2013 – August 2013

Contributed to the development of online shop powered by a Django backend.

Software Engineer

Google Vendor — Sistemas Globales S.A.

July 2010 – February 2013

Developed ETL pipelines in Java for a finance datawarehouse using distributed computing libraries deployed on Google's cloud infrastructure.

Implemented and maintained several executive dashboards using JavaScript data visualization libraries and a Google App Engine Python backend, consuming internal services.

Implemented and maintained a real-time Python/Java Business Intelligence platform to monitor financial metrics.

Tech lead of team of 6.


Lambda Sistemas

January 2010 – July 2010

Maintained and expanded a homegrown ERP, CMS, CRM and HRM multiplatform Server/Client Python system designed for the book industry.

Created and deployed extensible websites managed from within the PoS desktop application using TurboGears, coupled with book management for easy showcase online, as well as allowing for purchases to be made through the websites, which were managed through the PoS application.


Bejerman S.A.

May 2008 – December 2009

Maintained legacy internal systems ranging from applications for Customer Support to reports for managers, including a homegrown bug tracker.

Developed various new applications for internal and external use, both desktop and web based, using JavaScript, VB6, ASP and ASP.NET.

Technical Support

Prominente S.A.

July 2007 – December 2007

Installed and maintained Windows and Linux desktops and servers for over 2000 employees.



(Summer job) December 2006 – March 2007

Drew technical layouts and diagrams to be used on building sites. Helped on the confection of technical tender budgets (budget for bid). Installed measurement instruments to be controlled by PLC.

Instrumentist Intern

Meier & Fischer

March 2005 – July 2005

Calibrated mechanical and electronic measurement instruments. Installed measurement instruments to be controlled by PLC.

Projects & Conferences

RustConf 2020 — Bending the Curve: A Personal Tutor at Your Fingertips

Talk delivered at the first Virtual RustConf.

RustLATAM 2019 — Friendly Ferris: Developing Kind Compiler Errors

Talk given in Spanish in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Project Stout (Eclaireur)

git and semantic source code navigation tool. Trigram based search. Simple Regular Expression parser.


Pure Rust library to interact with Constant Data Base files.

Racer - code completion for Rust


Stack Overflow


Toy Distributed Hash Table implementation in Rust.

Google visualization Python API

Python API that generates Google Visualization API URLs. Involvement: bugfixes.


Javascript delayed image loader.


Javascript responsive image loader. Use media queries to change the image to be displayed on img tags.


HTML5+JS diff display that mimics meld's interface.


B.S. in Informatics Engineering (unfinished)

Universidad Argentina de la Empresa

2006 – 2012

Left unfinished after moving from Argentina to Europe.

Electronics Technician

Instituto Tecnológico del Comahue

2000 – 2005

Graduate with honors.